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What is in it for the students?

HomeworkSathi has got a large database of questions and answers where you can find solutions of all the problems. We can help you with difficult homework assignments provided to you by the school. You may find the answer in the Google Search but it is not comprehensible and the answers you find are usually out of syllabus. We have truncated unnecessary words and sentences to adjust to the syllabus of Nepali Education System.

We are a team of experts in different subjects with experience in teaching and guiding students to perform better in studies. At HomeworkSathi we have maintained a database of solutions of different kinds of questions available in different textbooks. We thrive to maintain topmost quality of "Question-Answers". We assure you the accuracy of the solutions. So, do not wait and Register now!

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What is in it for the parents?

In our long experience, we have come across situations when parents are unable to help their children with homeworks. The top reason is that the parents themselves are not expert in the subjects taught at the school. To mitigate this problem, we have create a database of question and answers where parents theselves can look up for the solution of questions.

It is important to understand why homeworks are important for students. They help to maintain notebooks and summary of lessons. It is also helpful to keep "Notes" of important topics which can help during examinations. Students or your children can look at the question answers during the examination.

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Notes Keeping

Why is notes keeping important? Notes are records of important definitions, points and formula. Keeping a proper note helps in learning process. It's importance is seen during examinations when students have very less time and have to revise what they have learnt in the school.

At HomeworkSathi, we have maintained a huge storage of Notes of different subjects. You can find notes of science, account, computer, etc.

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