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Class : 10

Subject : Science

Unit : 1.00 Lesson :Scientific Learning

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1.) Why do we need measurement? Explain it. Or, “Measurement plays an important role in our daily life.” Justify it.

2.) Define physical quantity with some examples.

3.) What is unit? Write some disadvantages of traditional unit (measurement)

4.) What do you mean by fundamental quantity? List out with their units.

5.) Define fundamental unit (basic unit).

6.) What is derived unit? Give some examples of it.

7.) What is meant by metric system (MKS system)?

8.) Define CGS system. Write one advantage of MKS system over CGS system.

9.) What do you mean by SI system of unit?

10.) Write any three advantages of SI system of unit?

11.) Mention the SI unit of the following quantities:

12.) Why is unit of force called derived unit?

13.) List out the following quantities in terms of fundamental and derived quantity with their unit also. Frequency, light, intensity, density, volume, temperature, work, force, time.

14.) Hertz is called derived unit, why?

15.) Distinguish between fundamental units and derived units.

16.) What is basic unit? Explain why is SI system developed?

17.) Write down any two differences between SI unit and MKS system.

18.) Define length. Write its SI and CGS unit.

19.) Why are units of length, mass and time independent with each other?

20.) What is mass? Write its SI and CGS unit.

21.) Write the name of devices which are used to measure mass of an object.

22.) Define time with its SI unit.

23.) What is independent variable?

24.) Write short notes on independent variable.

25.) What is dependent variable?

26.) Write short notes on dependent variable.

27.) What is control variable?

28.) What are variables? or What are variables in research?

29.) What are the importances of variables?

30.) Why is control variable important?

31.) What are the features of variables?

32.) Can a variable be both independent and dependent?

33.) Can you include more than one independent or dependent variable in a study?

34.) Examples of research topic or subject.

35.) What is scientific study?

36.) What are variables?

37.) Explain about variables.

38.) How many types of variables are there?

39.) Show that unit of force(newton) is derived unit.

40.) What are the differences between the fundamental unit and the derived unit?

41.) What is analysis of unitwise equation?

42.) Test the validity of the equation given below by unit analysis. (i) v² = u²+2as

43.) Independent variables can be manipulated but not dependent variables. Why?

44.) It is important for a scientist to communicate the results and conclusions of a study. Why?

45.) The unit of pressure is a derived unit. Why?

46.) The unit of work is a derived unit. Why?

47.) Why is analysis of unitwise equation important?

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