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Class : 10

Subject : Science

Unit : 3.00 Lesson :Bee

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1.) What are the differences between larva and pupa of a bee?

2.) What are the differences between queen bee and worker?

3.) Define apiology and apiculture?

4.) What are the products obtained from apiculture?

5.) What is beekeeping?

6.) What types of eggs become drones?

7.) What are the varieties of bees reared by beekeepers?

8.) What is melittin used for?

9.) What is bee bread?

10.) What is the food of a queen bee?

11.) How long does a queen bee live?

12.) What would happen to a honey bee colony if there would be no queen?

13.) Write the roles of the queen bee, the worker bee and the drone in a hive.

14.) What are the economic importances of beekeeping?

15.) How does beekeeping help in crop fields?

16.) How do bees carry pollen?

17.) Beekeeping is a major means of earning foreign currency in Nepal. Explain.

18.) Why is beekeeping class/training important?

19.) Explain the life cycle of a honeybee.

20.) How does male bee develop from unfertilized egg?

21.) Honeybees are important pollinators. Why?

22.) We want bees around us. Why?

23.) Honeybees are called social insects. Why?

24.) Male bees die after mating with a queen. Why?

25.) Drones cannot gather their own food. Why?

26.) Write short notes on the honey bees.

27.) Describe the external structure of honey bee.

28.) What are the different stages of the life cycle of a honey bee?

29.) What are the types of honey bee?

30.) Write short note on queen bee.

31.) Write short note on drone bee.

32.) Write short note on worker bee.

33.) Why is honey bee called social insect? Give two reasons.

34.) What is royal jelly?

35.) What is nuptial flight (mating flight)?

36.) What is feed to the larva to produce it into queen bee?

37.) How many chromosomes are present in an unfertilized egg of honey bee?

38.) What is melittology?

39.) What helps honey bees to recognize their hive?

40.) Describe about the eggs of bee.

41.) How many types of eggs are there?

42.) Describe about the larval stage of bee.

43.) What is honey bread?

44.) Describe about pupa stage of bee.

45.) Describe in short about honey.

46.) What are the benefits of beekeeping?

47.) Where and when queen bee take part in mating or nuptial flight?

48.) Write the main functions of queen bee.

49.) Write the function of drone bee.

50.) Write the function of worker bee according to their age.

51.) Write any four advantages of honey bees.

52.) Honey is the good for human beings, why?

53.) Honey bees are called vital pollinators, why?

54.) What is metamorphosis?

55.) What is spermatheca?

56.) Write any two-conditions of swarming of honey bee.

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