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Class : 10

Subject : Science

Unit : 6.00 Lesson :Nature and Environment

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1.) Differentiate between Global warming and climate change.

2.) Differentiate between Adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

3.) Differentiate between Greenhouse gas and greenhouse effect.

4.) Differentiate between Endangered and critically endangered animals.

5.) Differentiate between Vulnerable and endangered animals.

6.) Define global warming.

7.) What is climate change?

8.) Define adaptation of climate change.

9.) Define mitigation of climate change.

10.) Name a GHG.

11.) What is greenhouse effect?

12.) What is an anthropogenic cause of climate change?

13.) Define eccentricity.

14.) What is precession?

15.) Mention any one effect of climate change.

16.) Define endangered animals.

17.) Name an endangered animal of the Terai region.

18.) Name an endangered animal of the Himalayan region.

19.) Define medicinal plants.

20.) Describe the national efforts made for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in short.

21.) Describe the international efforts made for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in short.

22.) How do human activities cause climate change? Explain in short.

23.) Describe the effects of climate change in short.

24.) Describe the natural causes of climate change in short.

25.) How is ecosystem affected by climate change?

26.) What role can we play for the mitigation of climate change?

27.) How is ocean affected by climate change?

28.) How are endangered animals conserved in Nepal?

29.) Mention any five endangered animals of the Terai region with the causes of ris of extinction.

30.) How can we conserve endangered animals?

31.) Mention any five endangered animals of the hilly and Himalayan regions with the causes of risk of extinction.

32.) Introduce medicinal plants with any three examples of the medicinal plant found in the hilly and Himalayan regions.

33.) Give a short description of yarsagumba.

34.) Greenhouse gases cause global warming. Why?

35.) Greenhouse effect is both advantageous and disadvantageous to us. Why?

36.) Human beings are also responsible for global warming and climate change. Why?

37.) Human activities are responsible for the extinction of wild animals. Why?

38.) Global warming occurs naturally as well. Why?

39.) Yarsagumba is summer grass winter worm. Why?

40.) Conservation areas are separated by Nepal government. Why?

41.) What is environment pollution? Write with example.

42.) What is meant by environmental management?

43.) What is environmental pollution? Write its types?

44.) What is air pollution?

45.) What are air pollutants? Write its types.

46.) What is primary air pollutant? Write with example.

47.) What is secondary air pollutant? Write with examples.

48.) What are the sources of air pollution?

49.) What do you mean by natural sources of air pollution? Write with examples.

50.) What are the causes of air pollution?

51.) What are the effects of air pollution?

52.) Write any four control measures of air pollution.

53.) Air pollution inhibits in biological growth of plants, as well as produces adverse effect on human health. Justify this statement with four reasons.

54.) What is water pollution?

55.) What are the causes of water pollution?

56.) What are the effects of water pollution?

57.) Write any four control measure of water pollution.

58.) What is soil pollution?

59.) What are the causes of soil pollution?

60.) What are the effects of soil pollution?

61.) Write any four measures to control soil pollution.

62.) Ozone layer is important for the living beings on the earth.

63.) Carbon dioxide gas is mainly responsible for global warming.

64.) Smoke and dust are called air pollutants.

65.) Why should we conserve forest? Explain in brief.

66.) What are the effects of deforestation?

67.) Write any four measures for the conservation and management of forest.

68.) Write any four majors for the conservation and management of water sources.

69.) What do you meant by climate change?

70.) What are the causes of climate change?

71.) Write any four effects of climate change?

72.) Write any four measures to control climate change.

73.) How does Nepal has been taken the Climate Change Strategic Program?

74.) List any five international efforts related to climate change and explain any two of them.

75.) Define the Term ‘Agenda 21’

76.) Define the term ‘Kyoto protocol’

77.) Write the full form of Following Words?

78.) When and where was the Kyoto protocol adopted universally?

79.) Explain the role of Kyoto protocol on mitigation and adaptation of climate change.

80.) Write down the measures to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) on the basis of Kyoto protocol.

81.) What is atmosphere? Name the different layers of atmosphere.

82.) What is troposphere?

83.) Write any four features of troposphere.

84.) What is tropopause?

85.) Troposphere is called variable layer, why?

86.) Which layer of atmosphere is responsible for the change in weather? Why?

87.) Troposphere is very important for meteorologists, why?

88.) Temperature decreases on increasing height in troposphere, why?

89.) What is stratosphere?

90.) Write any three features of stratosphere?

91.) Stratosphere is called protective layer (protective umbrella) why?

92.) Temperature of stratosphere increases with increase in altitude, why?

93.) What is ozone layer?

94.) Define stratopause.

95.) What is mesosphere?

96.) What are the important features of mesosphere?

97.) What is mesopause?

98.) Temperature decreases on increasing height in mesosphere why?

99.) What is thermosphere?

100.) What are the important features of thermosphere?

101.) Temperature of thermosphere is very high, why?

102.) Which layer of atmosphere is called ionosphere? Why?

103.) What is thermopause?

104.) What is exosphere?

105.) What are the important features exospheres?

106.) Exosphere is called fringe region why?

107.) Which layer of atmosphere helps in telecommunication, why?

108.) How is ozone gas destruct in the stratosphere?

109.) What is ozone hole?

110.) In which layer of atmosphere, ozone layer is found?

111.) Write any four substances that reduced the ozone layer?

112.) What are the sources of CFCs?

113.) How does CFC deplete ozone layer? Write with chemical equation.

114.) How does oxides of nitrogen deplete ozone layer write with chemical.

115.) It is not better to use refrigerators with CFC, why?

116.) The main cause of depletion of ozone layer is human beings; clarify the statement.

117.) What are the effects of ozone layer depletion?

118.) How can be conservation of ozone layer?

119.) What is greenhouse?

120.) Rood of the artificial green house is made slanted, why?

121.) What is greenhouse effect?

122.) What are the disadvantages of greenhouse effect?

123.) Write any two precautions against the adverse effect of greenhouse effect?

124.) Statistical data shows that average temperature of Nepal is increased by 0.06°C per year. Write one cause and one effect of it.

125.) In present situation, the scientists have predicted that the surface temperature of the earth is Increasing. What is the reason behind it?

126.) Write any two green houses gas. What would happen if these gases were not present in the atmosphere?

127.) What are industrial gases? Write any four industrial gases.

128.) Write any three effects of industrial gases.

129.) What is meant by industrial smog?

130.) What is acid rain? Write any four effects of acid rain.

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