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Class : 10

Subject : Science

Unit : 9.00 Lesson :heat

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1.) What are the differences between Lower fixed point and upper fixed point?

2.) On what factor does heat depend?

3.) What is the relation of heat with its factors?

4.) Give the concept of heat on the basis of its molecular motion.

5.) Give the concept of temperature on the basis of its molecular motion.

6.) Define specific heat capacity.

7.) What is one calorie heat?

8.) What is anomalous expansion of water?

9.) The specific heat capacity of water is 4200 Jkg-1 °C-1. What does it mean?

10.) Define thermometric liquid.

11.) Explain the structure of a clinical thermometer.

12.) Describe specific heat capacity in short.

13.) Describe the importance of this property of water.

14.) Explain the advantages of more specific heat capacity of water in short.

15.) How can you determine the lower fixed point in a newly constructed thermometer?

16.) How can you determine the upper fixed point in a newly constructed thermometer?

17.) What are similarities and dissimilarities between heat and temperature?

18.) How does a radiation thermometer work? Describe in short.

19.) Water is used to cool hot engines of vehicles. Why?

20.) During a high fever, a piece of wet cloth is kept on the forehead of the patient. Why?

21.) When a beaker filled with water at 4 °C is cooled or heated, the water overflow from the beaker. Why?

22.) Mercury is heated faster than water. Why?

23.) Clinical thermometer has a constriction above the bulb. Why?

24.) Water is used in hot water bags. Why?

25.) Digital thermometer is more advanced than a mercury thermometer. Why?

26.) Water cannot be used as a thermometric liquid. Why?

27.) The temperature of boiling water cannot be measured by using an alcohol thermometer. Why?

28.) Days are very hot and nights are very cold in deserts. Why?

29.) The water of a well is felt to be warmer early in the morning but colder at day. Why?

30.) We sweat in summer. Why?

31.) We wear warm clothes in winter. Why?

32.) Water is stored in an earthen pot containers in summer. Why?

33.) Water freezes from upper to lower region in a vessel but ghee and honey solidify from lower to upper region.

34.) What is heat? Write its SI unit.

35.) Define heat according to molecular theory.

36.) What kind of energy is heat?

37.) State factors on which the quantity of heat present in an object depends.

38.) What is the relation between quantity of the heat contained by an object's, its mass and average kinetic energy of molecules?

39.) What is the CGS unit of heat? Convert 100 calorie into joule.

40.) What is one calorie heat energy?

41.) Write any four importance of heat.

42.) What is temperature? Write its SI unit.

43.) Define temperature in term of kinetic energy.

44.) Find the average kinetic energy of a molecules from the figure alongside.

45.) Which instrument is used to measure the heat of a body?

46.) Differentiate between heat and temperature.

47.) What are the two fixed points of thermometer?

48.) Define lower fixed point and upper fixed point.

49.) Write the lower and upper fixed points in all three scales.

50.) What is the body temperature of a healthy person?

51.) What is the boiling point of water in Kelvin scale?

52.) What is the normal temperature of a healthy human in Fahrenheit scale?

53.) What is thermometer?

54.) Name tine instrument which is made on the basic of expansion of heat.

55.) On which principle, a thermometer is based?

56.) What are the types of thermometer? Write their types.

57.) What is clinical thermometer?

58.) Why is constriction made near the bulb in a clinical thermometer?

59.) The shape of a clinical thermometer is prismatic, why?

60.) What is laboratory or simple thermometer?

61.) Differentiate between clinical thermometer and simple thermometer.

62.) What is maximum-minimum thermometer?

63.) What is digital thermometer?

64.) What are the importances of thermometer?

65.) What is thermometric liquid?

66.) Write the name of two liquids that are used in the thermometer.

67.) Write the melting and boiling points of alcohol and mercury.

68.) What are the disadvantages of alcohol thermometers?

69.) Write any two properties of alcohol.

70.) What are the properties of mercury?

71.) What are the advantages of mercury thermometers?

72.) Why mercury is used in a thermometer? Write any four reasons.

73.) Why water is not used in a thermometer instead of mercury?

74.) Write any two differences between mercury and alcohol.

75.) What is the disadvantage of using mercury in a thermometer?

76.) Alcohol thermometer cannot be used to measure the temperature of boiling water, why?

77.) Which thermometer is suitable for mountaineers and why?

78.) A mercury inside the thermometer rise through the capillary when its bulb is touch with hand, why?

79.) Why is mercury considered to be a better than alcohol?

80.) Name the three types of thermometric scale.

81.) Write relationship between Celsius and Fahrenheit and Kelvin scale.

82.) Write any four effects of heat.

83.) There is the gap between tracks of rail, why?

84.) What is heat equation?

85.) Write any three factors which affect the heat energy

86.) Write the relation between heat gained or heat lost by an object with its mass.

87.) Write the relation between heat gained or heat lost by a body with the change in temperature.

88.) What is specific heat capacity? Write its SI unit.

89.) What do you mean by specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg°C?

90.) Why is only water used to cool the engine of vehicle?

91.) Water is used in hot bag why?

92.) If equal amount of heat energy is given to the two objects with equal mass, there will be differences in temperature, why?

93.) Object ‘x’ has more specific heat capacity than object ‘y’. If both are given equal amount of heat, which object has more temperature and why?

94.) The temperature of mercury is more when equal amount of heat is given to one kilogram of water and mercury each, why?

95.) It two equal sized beakers one having water and another having paraffin oil are heated equally, which beaker gains more temperature? Why?

96.) Well water feels warmer in the morning during the winter season, why?

97.) A wet handkerchief is kept on the forehead of the patient suffering from fever?

98.) We wear warm clothes in winter, why?

99.) Water in an earthen vessel remains cold even in summer, why?

100.) Water vapour is hotter than boiling water. Why?

101.) Wearing two thin clothes is better than one thick cloth, Why?

102.) A person who gets off from bed feels cold but feels warm when he comes into the room from outside, why?

103.) Night in a desert is very cold while the day is very hot, why?

104.) When hot iron nail is kept in cold water, the temperature of iron nail is reduced; where as the temperature of water is increased, why?

105.) Write the principle of calorimetry.

106.) What is energy ? Write its SI unit .

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