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Class : 6

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.20 Lesson :The Earth

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1.) What is lithosphere?

2.) What is hydrosphere?

3.) What is atmosphere?

4.) Describe about internal structure of the Earth.

5.) What are the parts of internal structure of the earth?

6.) What is crust?

7.) Write short notes on crust.

8.) What is mantle?

9.) Write short notes on mantle.

10.) What is core?

11.) Write short notes on core.

12.) What is outer core?

13.) What is inner core?

14.) What is solar system?

15.) What is axis?

16.) What is orbit?

17.) What is rotation?

18.) What is revolution?

19.) What is orbital plane?

20.) What are the effects of revolution and rotation of the earth?

21.) Why does season change occur?

22.) What are the four seasons? Mention them.

23.) Write short notes on spring season.

24.) Write short notes on summer season.

25.) Write short notes on autumn season.

26.) Write short notes on winter season.

27.) What are the season in context of Nepal?

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