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Class : 6

Subject : Science

Unit : 4.30 Lesson :Ecosystem

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1.) What are the factors of an ecosystem?

2.) Describe about abiotic factor.

3.) Describe about biotic factor.

4.) What is producer?

5.) What is consumer?

6.) What are primary consumers?

7.) What are secondary consumers?

8.) What are tertiary consumers?

9.) What are decomposers?

10.) Explain about interrelation among plants, animals and microorganisms in an ecosystem.

11.) What are the types of ecosytem?

12.) What is aquatic ecosystem?

13.) What is terrestrial ecosystem?

14.) Explain about abiotic factors and biotic factors in a forest ecosystem.

15.) How does bacteria help in balancing an ecosystem?

16.) What are the differences between aquatic and terresterial ecosystem?

17.) What are the differences between consumer and producer?

18.) What are the differences between biotic and abiotic factors?

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