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Class : 6

Subject : Science

Unit : 5.00 Lesson :Life Processes

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1.) What is nutrition?

2.) What are the types of mode of nutrition?

3.) What are autotrophic organisms?

4.) What are heterotrophic organisms?

5.) What are the types of heterotrophic organisms?

6.) What are saprophytic organisms?

7.) What are parasites?

8.) What are endoparasites?

9.) What are ectoparasites?

10.) What are holozoic organisms?

11.) What is ingestion?

12.) What is digestion?

13.) What is absorption?

14.) What is assimilation?

15.) What is egestion?

16.) What is photosynthesis?

17.) Explain the process of photosynthesis?

18.) What are the factors needed for photosynthesis? Explain each factors in short.

19.) What is starch test? Explain the process of starch test.

20.) What is digestive system?

21.) What are the two major parts of digestive system?

22.) What is alimentary canal?

23.) What is digestive glands?

24.) What is enzyme?

25.) Explain the digestive process.

26.) What is the role of digestive juices in digestion?

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