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Class : 6

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.30 Lesson :Light

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1.) Why is light necessary?

2.) What is the transmission of light?

3.) What is the speed of light?

4.) What is the rectilinear propagation of ight?

5.) What is a ray of light?

6.) What is a beam of light?

7.) Explain the method of construction of pinhole camera.

8.) Explain the method of formation of image in pinhole camera.

9.) What is shadow?

10.) How is shadow formed?

11.) What are the types of shadow?

12.) What is umbra?

13.) What is penumbra?

14.) What does the size and shape of shadow depend upon?

15.) What is sundial?

16.) What are the differences between ray and beam of light?

17.) Write the differences between umbra and penumbra.

18.) Light travels in straight path. Explain with an experiment.

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