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Class : 6

Subject : Science

Unit : 9.00 Lesson :Matter

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1.) What are the types of matter?

2.) What is pure substance?

3.) What is impure substance or mixture?

4.) What are the components of mixtures?

5.) What are the types of mixtures?

6.) What is homogeneous mixture?

7.) What is heterogeneous mixture?

8.) What are the forms of mixture?

9.) What are the methods of separating mixture?

10.) What is evaporation?

11.) What is distillation?

12.) What is condenser?

13.) What types of mixture can be separated with distillation?

14.) What are the uses of distillation as local technology?

15.) What is paper chromatography?

16.) What types of mixture can be separated with chromatography?

17.) What are the applications of chromatography?

18.) What is centrifuging?

19.) What is centrifuge?

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