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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.00 Lesson :Earth and space

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1.) Define rock.

2.) What is the main component of rocks?

3.) What is formed after the weathering of rocks?

4.) Which type of rocks have fossil in them?

5.) Write any one feature of rock.

6.) In which layer of the earth are rocks found?

7.) Name the types of rocks with two examples of each.

8.) Rocks are advantageous to us. Explain the statement.

9.) Introduce the type of rock which has fossils.

10.) How are sedimentary rocks formed?

11.) How are plutonic rocks formed?

12.) What is a rock? What are the main components of a rock?

13.) Write four uses of rocks?

14.) Write any four characteristics of rocks.

15.) Describe rock cycle in short.

16.) Classify the following rocks into different types: shale, conglomerate marble, obsidian pumice, schist

17.) Differentiate between plutonic and volcanic rocks.

18.) Differentiate between marble and granite.

19.) Differentiate between sedimentary and igneous rocks.

20.) Differentiate between slate and sandstone.

21.) Igneous and metamorphic rocks never have fossil in them. Why?

22.) Plutonic rocks have big crystals. Why?

23.) Pumice may float on water. Why?

24.) Silica is a mineral whereas sandstone is a rock. Why?

25.) What is the universe?

26.) What is the solar system?

27.) What is rock?

28.) How is rock formed?

29.) What are the types of rocks?

30.) What is igneous rock?

31.) What are the examples of igneous rock?

32.) What is magma?

33.) How is igneous rock formed?

34.) What is granite?

35.) What is pumice?

36.) What is obsidian rock?

37.) What is sedimentary rock?

38.) How is sedimentary rock formed?

39.) What is limestone?

40.) What is sandstone?

41.) What is sale?

42.) What is conglomerate?

43.) What is metamorphic rock?

44.) What are the examples of metamorphic rocks?

45.) What are the uses of rocks?

46.) What is the difference between sedimentary rock and igneous rock?

47.) What is the difference between marble and limestone?

48.) What are the four rocks found in Nepal? What are their properties and where are they found?

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