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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.30 Lesson :The Moon

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1.) Differentiate between the earth and the moon.

2.) Differentiate between stars and planets.

3.) Differentiate between the moon and the sun.

4.) Differentiate between red planet and green planet.

5.) Differentiate between Mercury and Jupiter.

6.) Differentiate between outer and inner planets.

7.) Differentiate between planets and satellites.

8.) Neptune is the coldest planet. Why?

9.) The sun is a star but the earth is a planet. Why?

10.) Venus is the hottest and brightest planet. Why?

11.) The earth is an inner planet. Why?

12.) The Mars is called the red planet. Why?

13.) The Earth is suitable for living beings to live. Why?

14.) We cannot survive in the absence of the sun. Why?

15.) There is no possibility of organisms on Mercury. Why?

16.) Mars is also called the red planet. Why?

17.) What is the name of the only satellite of the Earth?

18.) Write short notes on Moon?

19.) What is the distance of Moon from the Earth?

20.) What is the diameter of the Moon?

21.) What is the surface area of the Moon?

22.) What is the revolution period of the Moon around the Earth?

23.) What is lunar phases?

24.) What are the reasons for the lunar phases?

25.) What is waxing crescent?

26.) What is waxing gibbous?

27.) What is wanning gibbous?

28.) What is wanning crescent?

29.) What is full moon?

30.) What is new moon?

31.) What is bright half or shukla paksha?

32.) What is dark half or krishna paksha?

33.) What is sideral month or nakshatra maas?

34.) What is sinodic month or chandra maas?

35.) What is adhik maas or malmaas or purushottam maas?

36.) What is Kshay maas?

37.) What is the diameter of the moon?

38.) How far is the moon from the earth?

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