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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.40 Lesson :Eclipse

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1.) Define sidereal month.

2.) What is duration of synodic month?

3.) Define the crescent of the moon.

4.) What is the angle of the moon from the earth during the full moon?

5.) How long does dark half occur?

6.) Define Malmas?

7.) Define Adhikmas?

8.) What are the causes of the phases of the moon?

9.) Describe full moon and new moon with diagrams.

10.) Describe in short about the necessity of purosottam mas.

11.) Describe a lunar eclipse with a diagram briefly.

12.) Define an eclipse and mention its types.

13.) Describe a solar eclipse with a diagram briefly.

14.) Describe solar year and lunar year.

15.) Describe Kshayamas in detail.

16.) Differentiate between solar and lunar eclipse.

17.) Differentiate between new moon and full moon.

18.) Differentiate between Purushottam mas and Malmas.

19.) Differentiate between sidereal and synodic months.

20.) Differentiate between umbra and penumbra.

21.) Differentiate between bright half and dark half .

22.) Differentiate between solar year and lunar year.

23.) Differentiate between partial eclipse and total eclipse.

24.) A lunar eclipse occurs on the full moon. Why?

25.) A synodic month is longer than a sidereal month. Why?

26.) Kshayamas occurs in the months of Kartik to Magh. Why?

27.) A solar eclipse stays shorter than a lunar eclipse. Why?

28.) Eclipses do not occur on every new moon and full moon. Why?

29.) Duration of each month is not fixed. Why?

30.) A solar year is longer than a lunar year. Why?

31.) The moon is not seen in the same shape every day. Why?

32.) Another part of the moon is never seen from the earth. Why?

33.) What is eclipse?

34.) How is eclipse formed?

35.) What is umbra?

36.) What is penumbra?

37.) What are the reasons for the formation of eclipse?

38.) What is lunar eclipse?

39.) What are the reasons for the formation of lunar eclipse?

40.) What is total lunar eclipse?

41.) What is partial lunar eclipse?

42.) When is lunar eclipse seen?

43.) What is solar eclipse?

44.) When is solar eclipse formed?

45.) What is total solar eclipse?

46.) What is partial solar eclipse?

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