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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 2.00 Lesson :Information and Communication Technology

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1.) Differentiate between System software and application software.

2.) What is a device?

3.) Which device is used for one way communication?

4.) What is technology?

5.) What is website?

6.) What is a search engine?

7.) What is an e-book?

8.) What is cropping a photo?

9.) What is utility software?

10.) What is ICT? Name some ICT devices.

11.) Define the Internet. Write some uses of the Internet.

12.) What is a browser? Give any two examples.

13.) What is Email? Write any two advantages and disadvantages of it.

14.) What is photo editing? Why do you need it?

15.) Define application software. Give its examples.

16.) What is computer virus? Write any three precautions to protect your computer system from it.

17.) What is MS-Excel? Name any two types of charts supported by it.

18.) Write any four codes of conduct of Internet users.

19.) What is information?

20.) What is communication?

21.) What is technology?

22.) What is information communication technology?

23.) What is ICT devices?

24.) What is internet?

25.) What are the uses of internet?

26.) What is a browser?

27.) What are the examples of browsers?

28.) What is a website?

29.) What is a web address or universal resource locator(URL)?

30.) What is a search engine?

31.) What are the examples of search engine?

32.) How do you search information with search engine?

33.) What is an ebook?

34.) What is an email?

35.) What are the email service provides?

36.) How do you make an email account?

37.) How do you send and email?

38.) What are the advantages of email?

39.) What are the disadvantages of email?

40.) What is a spreadsheet?

41.) How do you transfer photo from mobile to the computer?

42.) What is photo editing?

43.) How do you crop photos?

44.) What is a powerpoint presentation?

45.) What is a computer virus?

46.) What is the effect of a computer virus?

47.) How to save a computer from virus?

48.) How to remove a virus?

49.) What is a software?

50.) What is open software?

51.) What is system software?

52.) What is application software?

53.) What is utility software?

54.) What is internet code of conduct?

55.) What are the rules of internet code of conduct?

56.) What are the advantages of ICT?

57.) What are the disadvantages of ICT?

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