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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 3.30 Lesson :Living Beings and their Structure

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1.) Differentiate between animal cell and plant cell.

2.) Differentiate between plastid and mitochondria.

3.) Differentiate between nucleus and vacuole.

4.) Cells differ in shape and size. Why?

5.) Cell is considered as the basic unit of life. Why?

6.) Mitochondria are known as the power house of a cell. Why?

7.) Leaves of plants are green. Why?

8.) Hydra is a multicellular animal. Why?

9.) Define cell?

10.) Where is the plasma membrane found?

11.) Who coined the term cell?

12.) Is the cell wall living or dead?

13.) Which chemical molecules carry hereditary characters from parents to offspring?

14.) What are the functions of contractile vacuole in an Amoeba?

15.) Mention the types of nucleic acid.

16.) Why is a cell considered as structural and functional unit of life?

17.) Write the functions of the cell membrane, centrosome and mitochondria.

18.) Write a short note on importance of a cell.

19.) List the functions of the following: nucleus, plastid, vacuole, cell wall, mitochondria, cell membrane

20.) Compare the function of different types of plastids.

21.) What is a cell?

22.) What is cytology?

23.) Why is a cell called structural and functional unit?

24.) What is a cell wall?

25.) What is cell membrane?

26.) What are the functions of cell wall and cell membrane?

27.) What is cytoplasm?

28.) Who discovered cell?

29.) What is the function of cytoplasm?

30.) What is cell organelle?

31.) What is inclusion?

32.) Explain about nucleus?

33.) Why is nucleus called the brain of a cell?

34.) What is nucleus?

35.) What does nuclear membrane produce?

36.) What is nucleoplasm?

37.) What is nucleolus?

38.) What are the functions of nucleus?

39.) What is endoplasmic reticulum?

40.) What are the functions of endoplasmic reticulum?

41.) Why is ER called the endoskeleton of the cell?

42.) What is mitochondria?

43.) Why is mitochondria known as powerhouse of cell?

44.) What are ribosomes?

45.) What are the functions of ribosomes?

46.) Why are ribosomes called protein factories?

47.) What are the functions of golgi complex?

48.) What is golgi complex?

49.) What are the functions of golgi bodies?

50.) What are lysosomes?

51.) What are the functions of lysosomes?

52.) Why are lysosomes called suicidal bag of the cell?

53.) What are vacuoles?

54.) What are the functions of vacuoles?

55.) What are plastids? Describe.

56.) What are the functions of plastids?

57.) What are the functions of chloroplast?

58.) What are the functions of chromoplast?

59.) What is the function of leucoplast?

60.) What are centrosomes?

61.) What are the functions of centrosomes?

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