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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 5.00 Lesson :Life Process

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1.) Which structure separates the thorax from the abdomen?

2.) List the various types of respiratory organs in animals.

3.) How does an Amoeba respire?

4.) Write the function of the xylem.

5.) List the organs which are concerned with excretion.

6.) Name the specialized cells which surround the stomata.

7.) What are the functions of stoma?

8.) Define absorption.

9.) What is transpiration?

10.) What is breathing?

11.) Define:i) cutaneous respiration ii) pulmonary respiration iii) internal transportation iv) conducting tissues v) role of diffusion in body vi) excretory organs of lower animals

12.) What is the role of a leaf in excretion? Give your own view.

13.) Describe the function of the kidneys in short.

14.) List the various excretory organs of animals and their role in excretion.

15.) Explain in your own words how excretion takes place in plants

16.) How does respiration take place in insects?

17.) Describe the internal transportation in human beings in short.

18.) Differentiate between respiration in insects and fish.

19.) Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

20.) Differentiate between excretion in plants and animals.

21.) Differentiate between inhalation and exhalation.

22.) Cells need energy. Why?

23.) Respiration is called cellular respiration. Why?

24.) Frequent urination is done in winter. Why?

25.) We should drink more water in summer. Why?

26.) Leaves have stomata. Why?

27.) What is life process?

28.) What is internal transportation?

29.) How does transportation occur in plants?

30.) How does transportation occur in animals?

31.) How does transportation occur in humans?

32.) What is excretion?

33.) How does excretion occur in plants?

34.) How does excretion occur in unicellular animals?

35.) How does excretion occur in animals?

36.) What is transpiration?

37.) What is guttation?

38.) What is respiration?

39.) What is the difference between breathing and respiration?

40.) How does respiration occur in plants?

41.) How does respiration occur in human?

42.) What is the importance of transportation?

43.) What is the importance of excretion?

44.) What is the importance of respiration?

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