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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 6.00 Lesson :Force and Movement

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1.) Differentiate between speed and velocity.

2.) Differentiate between work and power.

3.) Sliding a box is the work against friction. Why?

4.) Jumping up is the work against gravity. Why?

5.) If two persons do the same amount of work, they may have a different power. Why?

6.) A speed is a scalar physical quantity. Why?

7.) The weight is dependent upon the mass of a body at a given place. Why?

8.) A person slips over banana peels. Why?

9.) Football players' boots have spikes at their soles. Why?

10.) The wheels of a car slip in mud. Why?

11.) Fruits drop down from trees. Why?

12.) Lubricants are used in machines. Why?

13.) What is force? Write its SI unit.

14.) Write the relationship between displacement, velocity and time.

15.) What is gravitation?

16.) What is gravity?

17.) What is acceleration due to gravity? Write its value on the earth

18.) Write one application of gravity on the earth.

19.) What can we say about friction when Ram cannot move a box by applying force?

20.) What are the two factors that affect friction?

21.) Will force of friction comes into play when a rain drop rolls down a glass window pane?

22.) What is meant by one newton work?

23.) Define one watt power.

24.) Define work and power with their units.

25.) Write the relationship of work with distance and force.

26.) What are the factors of work?

27.) What is frictional force?

28.) Write any three advantages and two disadvantages of friction.

29.) What is pushing force? Write with an example.

30.) Write any three ways to reduce friction.

31.) Why is the handle of a badminton racquet usually rough? Explain with reason.

32.) What is distance?

33.) What is displacement?

34.) What is scalar quantity?

35.) What is vector quantity?

36.) What is speed?

37.) What is velocity?

38.) Why is speed called a scalar quantity?

39.) Why is velocity called a vector quantity?

40.) What is force?

41.) What is the SI unit for force?

42.) What is gravity?

43.) What is gravitation?

44.) What is acceleration due to gravity?

45.) What is acceleration?

46.) What is the value of acceleration due to gravity?

47.) What is weight?

48.) What is mass?

49.) What is friction?

50.) What are the advantages of friction?

51.) What are the disadvantages of friction?

52.) What are the methods of reducing friction?

53.) What are the factors that affect friction?

54.) What is work?

55.) What is one joule work?

56.) What are the types of work?

57.) What is the formula of work?

58.) What is power?

59.) What is one watt power?

60.) What is the formula of power?

61.) What are the other units of power?

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