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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.30 Lesson :Wave

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1.) Differentiate between compression and rarefaction.

2.) What is sound?

3.) What is a sound wave?

4.) Define the propagation of sound wave.

5.) Define crest and trough.

6.) What is a longitudinal wave?

7.) What is amplitude?

8.) Write any three characteristics of sound.

9.) How do we hear sound when we talk together? Explain.

10.) Write any four sources of sound.

11.) Write the factors that affect propagation of sound.

12.) When a slinky spring is flicked up and down, it produce transverse wave. Explain with a diagram.

13.) Write the units of sound, velocity, frequency, wavelength amplitude.

14.) When a body is beaten harder, it producers louder sound. Explain with reasons.

15.) Why is a conversation among astronauts is impossible in space?

16.) What is wave?

17.) What are the types of waves?

18.) What is mechanical waves?

19.) What is electromagnetic waves?

20.) What is transverse wave?

21.) What is longitudinal wave?

22.) What is compression and rarefaction?

23.) What is crest and trough?

24.) What is amplitude?

25.) What is wavelength?

26.) What is complete wave?

27.) What is frequency?

28.) What is sound energy?

29.) What are the sources of sound?

30.) How does sound travel?

31.) What does loudness of sound depend upon?

32.) What is the difference between longitudinal wave and transverse wave?

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