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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.40 Lesson :Light

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1.) Differentiate between regular and irregular reflections.

2.) What is light?

3.) What is reflection of light?

4.) Define the point of incidence.

5.) What scientific principle is used in a periscope?

6.) What type of reflection of light takes place from a rough surface

7.) Which type of reflection of light leads to the formation of images

8.) Define incident and reflected rays.

9.) Mention the types of reflection of light with clear diagrams.

10.) State the laws of reflection of light.

11.) How can we make a periscope? How does it work? Explain with a diagram.

12.) Write any four applications of reflection of light.

13.) Write the uses of a periscope.

14.) Describe an experiment to verify the laws of reflection.

15.) What is light?

16.) What are the sources of light?

17.) What is a mirror?

18.) What is reflection of light?

19.) What are the types of reflection?

20.) What is regular reflection?

21.) What is irregular reflection?

22.) What is incident ray?

23.) What is reflected ray?

24.) What is normal?

25.) What is angle of incidence?

26.) What is angle of reflection?

27.) What are the laws of reflection?

28.) What is ray diagram?

29.) What is real image?

30.) What is virtual image?

31.) How is image formed in a mirror?

32.) What are the uses of reflection of light?

33.) What is periscope?

34.) What are the uses of periscope?

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