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Class : 7

Subject : Science

Unit : 8.00 Lesson :Electricity and Magnetism

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1.) Name two electrical devices which change electrical energy into heat energy.

2.) If two charges show attractive property, are they same or different charges?

3.) In which combination of cells all the positive terminals a connected at one side?

4.) Which particle of an atom has a negative charge?

5.) Which type of charge is caused by deficiency of electrons?

6.) What is used to protect a factory from lightning?

7.) What is electrostatic force?

8.) Define current electricity.

9.) Define static electricity.

10.) What is a combination of cells?

11.) List any four uses of electricity in our daily life.

12.) Describe static and current electricity with two uses of each.

13.) What is the series combination of cells? What are its disadvantages?

14.) How does lightning occur? Explain.

15.) How does a lightning rod protect a house from lightning?

16.) Describe a parallel combination with its advantages and disadvantages.

17.) Differentiate between positive and negative charges.

18.) Differentiate between series and parallel combinations of cells.

19.) Differentiate between static and current electricity.

20.) Differentiate between electron and proton.

21.) Efficiency of electrons causes negative charge. Why?

22.) Neutron has no role in charging of body. Why?

23.) An atom is naturally neutral in electric charge. Why?

24.) Nucleus of an atom is positively charged. Why?

25.) Static electricity is both an enemy and a friend. Why?

26.) A lightning rod saves us from lightning. Why?

27.) What is electricity?

28.) What is electric charge?

29.) What is current electricity?

30.) What is static electricity?

31.) How is static electricity produced?

32.) What is electrostatic force?

33.) What are the effects of static electricity?

34.) What are the uses of static electricity in daily life?

35.) What is lightning?

36.) How is lightning produced?

37.) Why is lightning not produced during clear sky?

38.) What is earthing?

39.) What is lightning rod?

40.) How can a house be protected from lightning?

41.) What is electric circuit?

42.) What are electric loads?

43.) What are the uses of electricity?

44.) What is combination of cells?

45.) What are the types of combination of cells?

46.) What is parallel combination of cells?

47.) What is series combination of cells?

48.) What is the uses of parallel combination of cells?

49.) What is the uses of series combination of cells?

50.) What is the difference between parallel combination and series combination?

51.) It is dangerous to stay below tall tree or tower during lightning. Why?

52.) After combing the hair, small paper pieces stick to the comb. Why?

53.) While removing clothes, we can hear ticking sound. Why?

54.) Why is copper rod placed on the top of tower?

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