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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 1.00 Lesson :Scientific Learning

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1.) What is scientific learning?

2.) What is experimentation?

3.) What are the safety rules to be followed in the laboratory?

4.) What is observation?

5.) What is scientific test?

6.) What is hypothesis?

7.) What is testing?

8.) What is research work?

9.) What are the phases or steps of research work?

10.) Give an example of research question?

11.) What are surveys?

12.) What are the guidelines for collection data during survey?

13.) What are the steps of survey?

14.) What is a report?

15.) What is the importance of observation in scientific work?

16.) What is meant by survey tools? Write with examples.

17.) Distinguish between: (a) Observations and tests (b) Research and survey

18.) Write the reason: a) Precautions should be taken while conducting experimental work. b) A report is prepared after the experiment and survey are done . c) Observation is the first step in scientific learning

19.) Write the answers to the given questions: a) What is observation? b) What is the importance of observation in scientific work? c) What is done in scientific work when there is not enough infonnation from observation? d) What precautions should be taken wh

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