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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 10.30 Lesson :Hardness of water

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1.) What are the physical properties of water?

2.) What are the chemical properties of water?

3.) What are the ways to remove temporary hardness of water?

4.) What is soft water?

5.) What causes hardness of water?

6.) What causes permanent hardness of water?

7.) What are the advantages of hard water?

8.) What are the disadvantages of hard water?

9.) Write short notes on drinking water.

10.) How can hardness of water be removed?

11.) What are the ways of removing permanent hardness of water?

12.) What are the chemical methods of removing permanent hardness of water?

13.) What is permutit?Explain.

14.) What is an alloy?

15.) What is duralumin?

16.) What are the Properties of Alloys?

17.) What is steel?

18.) What is stainless steel?

19.) What are the uses of steel and stainless steel?

20.) What is brass? What are its uses?

21.) What is bronze?

22.) Differentiate: (a) Soft water and hard water (b) Temporary hardness of water and permanent hardness of the water. (c) Clark's method and Permutit method (d) Pure metals and alloys (e) Steel and stainless steel

23.) Give reasons: (a) Steel is used more than iron in making household kitchen utensils. (b) rainwater produces more lather with soap while washing clothes. (c) Well water is hard. (d) The use of alloys is increasing day by day than pure metals.

24.) Answer the following questions: (a) Define the hardness of the water. (b) What are the causes of the hardness of water?

25.) (c) Roshan took out water from the well to wash his school uniform on Saturday. Sufficient lather is not produced while applying soap to it . What would you suggest to produce sufficient lather even in well water? (d) Riya always washes her clothes in tub

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