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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.00 Lesson :The Earth and Universe

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1.) Which is the most accepted hypotheses about the origin of the universe?

2.) What is a mineral?

3.) What are the examples of a mineral?

4.) What is mineralogy?

5.) What are the Types of Minerals

6.) What is metallic minerals?

7.) What is examples of metallic minerals?

8.) What are the types of metallic minerals?

9.) What is ferrous minerals?

10.) What is non-ferrous minerals?

11.) What is precious minerals

12.) What is non-metallic mineral?

13.) What are the types of non-metallic mineral?

14.) What is gem minerals

15.) What is non-gem minerals

16.) What is energy minerals?

17.) What is the examples of energy minerals?

18.) What are the Properties of Minerals?

19.) What are the various sectors where minerals are used?

20.) What is the use of minerals in agricultural sectors?

21.) What are the Uses in the industrial sector?

22.) What is the uses in the construction sector?

23.) What is Uses in the energy sector?

24.) Explain about Minerals in Nepal.

25.) What is the age of the earth?

26.) What are the hypotheses related to the origin of the earth?

27.) What is Nebular Hypothesis?

28.) Who proposed the Nebular hypothesis?

29.) What is The speciality of the nebular hypothesis?

30.) What is the Planetesimal hypothesis?

31.) Who proposed the planetesimal hypothesis?

32.) What is the speciality of the Planetesimal hypothesis?

33.) What is Binary hypothesis?

34.) Who proposed binary hypothesis?

35.) What is the Criticism of the Binary hypothesis?

36.) What is Tidal hypothesis?

37.) Who proposed tidal hypothesis?

38.) The binary hypothesis was forwarded in 1905 by two American scientists Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin and Forest Ray Moulton.

39.) Explain about History of Evolution of Living Beings on Earth?

40.) What is Geological time scales?

41.) What is eon?

42.) What is Cryptozoic Eon?

43.) What is Phanerozoic Eon?

44.) What are the types of Phanerozoic Eon?

45.) Explain about Palaeozoic Era.

46.) What are the main events in Palaeozoic Era?

47.) What is Mesozoic Era?

48.) What are the Main Events and Lives in mesozoic era?

49.) What is Cenozoic era?

50.) What is Main Events and Lives in cenozoic era?

51.) Differentiate : (a) Metallic minerals and Non-metallic minerals (b) Palaeozoic Era and Cenozoic Era

52.) Give reason: (a) Minerals are said to be pure chemicals. (b) Mesozoic Era is also call ed the era of coniferous. (c) Living beings have evolved after a very long time on Earth 's evolution.

53.) Answer the following questions: (a) What is a mineral? Give examples (b) W hat are the hypotheses about the origin of the earth? Explain any one of then1. (c) Explain the importance of minerals for Nepal. (d) Make a flowchart of minerals showing their typ

54.) (i) Read the given passage and answer the following questions: "Various types of minerals are found in Nepal. Recently, very precious uranium-like minerals are also reported to be found in Nepal. Some minera ls like iron, copper , coal, gold etc. are bein

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