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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 11.30 Lesson :The Universe

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1.) What is sky?

2.) What is the universe?

3.) What is the observable universe?

4.) What is The diameter of the observable universe?

5.) What is 1 light year?

6.) What is astronomy?

7.) What is big bang theory?

8.) What is asteroid?

9.) What is Asteroid belt?

10.) What is Kuiper Belt?

11.) In which belt does Pluto lie?

12.) What is trojans?

13.) What is Near Earth Asteroids?

14.) Which is the largest and smallest asteroid?

15.) What is comet?

16.) What is Endo Comets?

17.) What is exocomet?

18.) What is a comet made of?

19.) What is nucleus?

20.) What is coma?

21.) Why does the tail of a comet appears as a long and bright tail?

22.) What is tail of a comet made of?

23.) What is the revolution time of a comet?

24.) Give some examples of revolution time of comets.

25.) What is revolution time of encke?

26.) What is Extinct comets?

27.) What is Meteoroids?

28.) What is a Meteors?

29.) What is Meteorites?

30.) What is Meteor shower?

31.) What is Galaxies?

32.) What is Nebula?

33.) What is a galaxy?

34.) What is our galaxy called?

35.) What are the shapes of galaxies?

36.) What are the examples of galaxies?

37.) What is Constellation?

38.) What is the number of constellations?

39.) What is Zodiacs?

40.) What are the twelve zodiacs?

41.) What is the smallest and biggest constellation?

42.) Differentiate (a) Meteors and Meteorites (c) Asteroids and Comets (ii) Galaxy and Constellation

43.) Give a reason (a) Near-earth asteroids are dangerous for our planet. (b) Comets gradually lose their material when revolving around the sun many times. (c) Most of the meteors are completely destro yed after revolving some rounds around the sun. (d) Galax

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