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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 2.00 Lesson :Information and communication technology

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1.) What are the tools of ICT?

2.) What is an ATM?

3.) What are the functions of an ATM?

4.) What are the basic parts of an ATM?

5.) What are the input parts of an ATM?

6.) How does a card reader function?

7.) What are the output parts of an ATM?

8.) What are the precautions need to be taken at an ATM?

9.) What is a photocopier?

10.) What technology is used in photocopy machines?

11.) What are the steps of using a photocopy machine?

12.) What is a scanner?

13.) What technology does a scanner use?

14.) What is a printer?

15.) What is speed of a printer measured on?

16.) What are steps of using a printer?

17.) What is a router?

18.) On what principle does a router work?

19.) What are the uses of router?

20.) What is Wi-Fi?

21.) What are the methods of wifi transmission?

22.) What is a set-up box?

23.) What is a search engine?

24.) What is a website?

25.) What is a website? Explain its parts?

26.) What is an ISP?

27.) What are the functions of an ISP?

28.) Which is the first ISP in the world?

29.) Which was the first ISP in Nepal?

30.) What are the features of ISP?

31.) What is a social networking site?

32.) What is a blog?

33.) What are the benefits of social media?

34.) What are the disadvantages of social media?

35.) What is cyber crime?

36.) What are the forms of cybercrime?

37.) What is identity theft?

38.) What is cyber terrorism?

39.) What is cyberbullying?

40.) What is hacking?

41.) What is defamation?

42.) What is computer code of conduct?

43.) How can we follow computer code of conduct?

44.) What are some guidelines for computer code of conduct?

45.) What is cyber law?

46.) When was cyber law enacted in Nepal?

47.) What are the salient features of ETA 2063?

48.) What does copyright law do?

49.) What does privacy law do?

50.) What is internet security?

51.) What are the risks of internet security?

52.) Describe about malware in short?

53.) What is phishing?

54.) What is identity theft?

55.) What is hacking?

56.) What is botnet?

57.) What are the Measures of Internet Security?

58.) What is robotics?

59.) What are the applications of robots?

60.) What is virtual reality?

61.) What are the uses of virtual reality?

62.) How is VR used in military field?

63.) How can VR be used in Education sector?

64.) What are the uses of VR in sports?

65.) What are the uses of VR in mental health?

66.) What are the uses of VR in medical training?

67.) What are the uses of VR in the field of fashion?

68.) What are the uses of VR in architecture?

69.) What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

70.) What are the categories of AI?

71.) What are the fields with application of artificial intelligence?

72.) What is cloud computing?

73.) What are the advantages of cloud computing?

74.) What are the differences between Printers and Scanners?

75.) What are the differences between Search Engines and Websites?

76.) What are the differences between Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence?

77.) Differentiate between: a) Printers and Scanners b) Search Engines and Websites c) Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence d) Computer Code of Conduct and Cyber Law e) Robotic Humans and Humans

78.) Answer the following questions: a) What kind of technology is an ATM? Write its important functions. b) Make a list of various parts of a photocopy machine. c) What is a printer? Mention its function in brief. d) What is a search engine? Illustrate the ne

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