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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 4.00 Lesson :Biodiversity and environment

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1.) What is floral diversity?

2.) What is faunal diversity?

3.) What are the three disciplines of biodiversity? Mention them.

4.) What is genetic diversity?

5.) What is the cause of genetic diversity?

6.) What is species diversity?

7.) What is ecosystem diversity?

8.) What is the importance of biodiversity?

9.) Describe the biodiversity of Nepal?

10.) What are the main causes of biodiversity degradation?

11.) Explain about in-situ conservation?

12.) Explain about ex-situ conservation.

13.) What are the methods of conservation of biodiversity?

14.) What is climate and weather?

15.) What is equator?

16.) What is altitude?

17.) Describe about summer.

18.) Describe about winter.

19.) Describe about climatic condition of Nepal.

20.) Describe about monsoon.

21.) What are the effects of monsoon?

22.) Differentiate: (a) In-situ conservation and Ex-situ conservation (b) Genetic diversity and Species diversity

23.) Give a reason: (a) There is some variation among the individuals of the same species. (b) It is difficult to conserve any native species with the Ex-situ conservation method. (c) Forestfire devastates biodiversity. (d) Nepal is rich in biodiversity.

24.) Answer the following questions: (a) What is biod iversity? Give examples. (b) What are the methods of conserv ing biodiversity? Explain any one of them in brief .What are the conserving measures of biodiversity? (c) What are the common impacts of human ac

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