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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 4.30 Lesson :Sustainable development

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1.) Explain about economic aspect of sustainable development.

2.) Explain about social aspects of sustainable development.

3.) Explain about environmental aspects of sustainable development.

4.) What is the importance of sustainable development?

5.) What are sustainable development goals?

6.) What are the efforts carried out by Nepal to obtain SDG?

7.) What are the programs carried out by Nepal to achieve SDG?

8.) Differentiate: (a) Development and Sustainable development (b) Social and Environmental aspects of sustainable development

9.) Give reason: (a) Environment must be considered while implementing developmental works . (b) Sustainable development helps to establish social harmony. (c) Degradation of biodiversity affects sustainable develop1nent.

10.) Answer the following questions: (a) What is sustainable development? Give an example. (b) What are the principles of sustainable development? Describe any one of them in brief , (c) 'Skilled human resource is the foundation as well as the destructor of su

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