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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 5.20 Lesson :Sexual reproduction in plants and animals

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1.) What is sexual organisms?

2.) What are the characteristics of sexual reproduction?

3.) What is flower?

4.) What is pollination?

5.) What are the types of pollination?

6.) What is self-pollination?

7.) What are the types of self-pollination?

8.) What are the Advantages of Self-Pollination?

9.) What are the Disadvantages of Self-Pollination?

10.) What is cross-pollination?

11.) What are the Advantages of Pollination?

12.) What are the Disadvantage of Pollination?

13.) What is fertilization?

14.) What is gametogenesis?

15.) What are male and female reproductive cells called?

16.) What is embryonic period?

17.) What are the types of fertilization in animals?

18.) What is Internal fertilization?

19.) What is External fertilization?

20.) Differentiate : (a) Pollination and Fertilization (b) Gametes and Zygote (c) Anther and Pollen grain (d) Autogamy and Geitonogamy (e) External fertilization and Internal fertilization

21.) Give reason : (a) Pollinating agents have a great role in pollination. (b) Both male and female organisms are required for sexual reproduction. (c) External fertilization takes place either in wa ter or on land.

22.) Answer the following questions : (a) What is pollination? Give an example . (b) Compare the self-pollination and cross-pollination with diagrams and mechanisms . (c) What is meant by double fertilization? Describe the process in brief. (d) Draw a neat and

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