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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 6.30 Lesson :Pressure

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1.) What is atmospheric pressure?

2.) What is liquid pressure?

3.) Show P = F/ A.

4.) What is the value of atmospheric pressure at sea level?

5.) The atmosphere exerts pressure. Explain

6.) Explain the method to show that air exerts pressure.

7.) What is the importance of atmospheric pressure?

8.) Why does water enter into the pipe and a person sucking the pipe gets water in his/her mouth.

9.) Why does liquid exert pressure?

10.) What are the factors that affect liquid pressure?

11.) Show P=hdg.

12.) Liquid pressure increases with the depth. Explain.

13.) The liquid pressure is same in all directions at the same depth. Explain

14.) An empty glass if inverted straightly doesn't sink. Why?

15.) What is density?

16.) Give reasons: a) Football shoes have studs on their soles. b) Ploughshare is made sharper to plough the field. c) The bottom of the dam is made wider than its wa lls. d) The bucket is filled faster on the ground floor than on the upstairs

17.) Answer the following questions: (a) What is pressure? Write down any three applications of pressure in daily life. (b) How can we te ll that liquid exerts pressure? (c) Write down any two applications of liquid pressure in daily life? (d) What is atmosphe

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