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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.20 Lesson :Light

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1.) What are the types of mirror?

2.) What is a plane mirror?

3.) What is a spherical mirror?

4.) What is a concave mirror?

5.) What are the uses of concave mirror?

6.) What is a convex mirror?

7.) What are the uses of convex mirror?

8.) What are the differences between concave and convex mirror?

9.) Explain the terms used in spherical mirrors.

10.) What is a pole of a mirror?

11.) What is centre of curvature?

12.) What is radius of curvature?

13.) What is the principal axis?

14.) What is principal focus?

15.) What is focal length?

16.) What is medium?

17.) What is refraction of light?

18.) What are the laws of refraction?

19.) What is the nature and the position and nature of the image formed by concave lens?

20.) Differentiate between: (a) Concave mirror and convex mirror (b) Real and Virtual images.

21.) Define the following vocabulary: a) Principal axis b) Focus c) Centre of curvature d) Focal length

22.) Give reason: (a) Concave mirror is also called a converging mirror. (b) Concave mirror is used in solar stoves. (c) Convex mirrors are used as looking glass in vehicles. (d) Convex mirrors and plane mirrors cannot producethe real image.

23.) Answer the following questions given below: (a) What is meant by the reflection of light? (b) Which mirror is called a spherical mirror? (c) Write down the factors on which the ilnage formed by the concave mirror depends. (d) Which mirror is suitable to u

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