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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.30 Lesson :Sound

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1.) What is vibration?

2.) What is the speed of sound in air?

3.) Explain the properties of sound.

4.) What is a sound wave?

5.) What is frequency?

6.) What is time period?

7.) What is wavelength?

8.) What is the velocity of sound wave/

9.) What is reflection of sound?

10.) What is echo?

11.) What are the uses of sound?

12.) What are the applications of sound

13.) Describe about absorption of sound.

14.) What is reverberation?

15.) What is the intensity of the sound?

16.) What is the unit of decibel(dB)?

17.) What is deafness?

18.) What is the value of intensity of sound in different situations?

19.) What is the intensity of sound?

20.) What are the factors affecting the intensity of sound?

21.) What is sound pollution?

22.) What is noise?

23.) What are the Cause of Sound Pollution?

24.) What are the major effects of sound pollution?

25.) What are the ways of Reducing Noise Pollution?

26.) Differentiate between: (a) wavelength and amplitude (c) infrasound and ultrasound (b) infrasound and audible sound

27.) Answer the following questions given below : a. The speed of sound remains the same on changing the frequency or wavelength of sound, why? b. Write the range of frequency of sound that can be heard by human beings. c. What is the relationship betweenthe w

28.) Solve these numerical problems: a. Calculate the wavelength of the sound wave if the speed of sound in air is 332 m/s and its frequenc y is 10 Hz. (Ans: 33 .3 m) b. Calculate the speed of the sound wave if the wave length is 22 m and its frequency is 10 H

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