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Class : 8

Subject : Science

Unit : 8.00 Lesson :Electricity and Magnetism

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1.) What is magnetic property?

2.) What is natural magnets?

3.) What is loadstone?

4.) What is electromagnet?

5.) What is a solenoid?

6.) What are the uses of magnet?

7.) What is the principles of the molecular theory of magnetism?

8.) What is demagnetization?

9.) What is the molecular theory of magnetism?

10.) What are the causes of demagnetization?

11.) How does heating the magnet causes demagnetization?

12.) How does hammering the magnet causes demagnetization?

13.) How does ac current causes demagnetization?

14.) How does Keeping like poles together forcefully for a long time causes demagnetization?

15.) What is natural loss?

16.) What are the steps of Conservation of magnetic property?

17.) What is geomagnetism or terrestrial magnetism?

18.) What are the Evidence for the existence of terrestrial magnetism?

19.) What are the Applications of terrestrial magnetism?

20.) What is geographical meridian?

21.) What is geomagnetic meridian?

22.) What is magnetic declination?

23.) How is the value of the angle of declination is determined?

24.) What is the angle of declination?

25.) What is the angle of dip?

26.) What are artificial magnets?

27.) What are the properties of magnets?

28.) What are the evidence of molecular theory of magnetism?

29.) What is magnetic induction?

30.) What is demagnetization?

31.) How does a magnet loses its property?

32.) What are the ways to prevent magnet from demagnetization?

33.) What is household electrification?

34.) What is domestic wiring?

35.) What is electric meter?

36.) What is electric meter box?

37.) What is one unit electrical energy?

38.) What is the function of distribution board?

39.) What is Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)?

40.) What is the function of MCB?

41.) What is a fuse?

42.) What is the function of fuse?

43.) What is switch?

44.) What is an electric bulb?

45.) Which element is used in a bulb?

46.) What is phase wire or live wire?

47.) In which wire is switch used?

48.) What is neutral wire?

49.) What is earthing?

50.) Why different colours are used in wires?

51.) What are the points to be remembered while wiring?

52.) What is an imaging device?

53.) What is a transformer?

54.) What is series combination?

55.) What is parallel combination?

56.) What is earthing?

57.) Explain some of the electrical devices.

58.) What is a fuse?

59.) What is a fuse made of?

60.) What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB)

61.) Differentiate between: a. natural magnet and artificial magnet b. plug and socket c. live wire and neutral wire

62.) Give reasons: a. The magnet gets demagnetized while harmnering. b. The angle of inclination or the angle of dip at the geomagnetic poles is 90 °. c. Different coloured wires are used in domestic wiring. d. The fuse is always connected in phase or live wir

63.) Answer the following questions: a. What are the con ditions for the demagnetization of a magnet? Explain any one of them in brief. b. Explain, w ith a diagram, the mo lecular theory of magnetism. c. Write down any three applications of the magnet. d. What

64.) 5 . Solve the following numerical problems: a. The electric nrnter in Bhawana's house records 15 units of consumption of electricity in 15 days. Calculate the average monthly electricity bi ll of Bhawana's house if the cost of electricity is Rs. 9.5 per u

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