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Class : 9

Subject : Science

Unit : 1.00 Lesson :Scientific Learning

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1.) What is geology?

2.) What is meteorology?

3.) What is precision?

4.) Define astronomy.

5.) Write any one example of a scientific question.

6.) What is the difference between physics and chemistry?

7.) Write an example of experiment in the scientific method.

8.) What is science? Write its branches and subsets in a tree diagram.

9.) How do you conduct a scientific study? Write in a flow chart.

10.) Write any two characteristics of scientific knowledge.

11.) How do you conduct a science experiment?

12.) What are the most important laboratory safety rules?

13.) What would be the achievements and challenges of science and technology in the 21st century in your opinion?

14.) What is a scientific notation? What is its importance in scientific study?

15.) What are the rules of scientific notation?

16.) What is metric prefix? Write its importance.

17.) Explain the importance of least count and average in measurement.

18.) Write the least count of voltmeter, measuring cylinder and stopwatch.

19.) Explain the meaning of the term least count of an instrument by taking suitable example.

20.) A man makes a ruler with graduation in cm i.e. 100 divisions in 1m on it. To what accuracy can this ruler measure? How can this accuracy be increased?

21.) Differentiate between Botany and zoology.

22.) Differentiate between Multiples and submultiples.

23.) Scientific studies is important. Why?

24.) Experiment is important in scientific method. Why?

25.) We need to study science. Why?

26.) Scientific notation is useful in scientific calculation. Why?

27.) The achievement of biology is important for mankind. Why?

28.) A negative exponent gives us a small number. Why?

29.) What is measurement?

30.) What is Physical Quantity?

31.) What are the importances of measurements?

32.) What are fundamental quantities?

33.) What are derived quantities?

34.) What is a unit?

35.) What is MKS system?

36.) What is CGS system?

37.) What is FPS system?

38.) What is SI system?

39.) Write the name of physical quantities, units and their symbols

40.) What is scientific learning?

41.) What are the steps of scientific learning?

42.) What is science?

43.) What is physics?

44.) What are the fields of science?

45.) What is Chemistry?

46.) What is Biology?

47.) What is Zoology?

48.) What is Botany?

49.) What is Microbiology?

50.) What is Geology?

51.) What is meteorology?

52.) What is Astronomy?

53.) What is Environmental Science?

54.) What is Earth science?

55.) What are the achievements of science and technology?

56.) What are the challenges of science and technology?

57.) What is metric prefix?

58.) What are the examples of metric prefix?

59.) What is precision?

60.) What is least count?

61.) What is scientific notation?

62.) What is the importance of scientific notation?

63.) What is an average?

64.) What is the importance of average?

65.) What is the importance of precision?

66.) What is the importance of least count?

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