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Class : 9

Subject : Science

Unit : 12.00 Lesson :The Universe

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1.) What are the major components of the universe?

2.) What is the delicate equilibrium of a star?

3.) What temperature is required to initiate nuclear fusion in the core of a new forming star?

4.) Define black hole.

5.) What will the sun form just after this stage of its life cycle?

6.) What is the black matter of the universe?

7.) Which heavenly body explodes in the form of supernova?

8.) Define light year.

9.) How many kilometers are equivalent to 1 astronomical unit?

10.) How many light years are equivalent to 1 parsec?

11.) What is found at the galactic centre?

12.) Derive that 1 LY is equivalent to 9.46 x 1012 km.

13.) Define parsec with its value in km.

14.) Describe nebula as a star nursery.

15.) How is a star born in a nebula? Describe the process clearly.

16.) Describe the process of formation of a black hole.

17.) Describe the role of national agencies in the promotion of astronomy in short.

18.) Describe the role of international agencies in the promotion of astronomy in short.

19.) How do He nuclei change into carbon like heavier nuclei? Explain.

20.) Differentiate between protostar and star.

21.) Differentiate between red giant and red super giant.

22.) Differentiate between black dwarf and black hole.

23.) Differentiate between neutron star and black hole.

24.) Differentiate between the sun and the milky way.

25.) Differentiate between nova and supernova.

26.) Differentiate between cosmic year and light year.

27.) Differentiate between protostar and red giant.

28.) Protostar is not a star. Why?

29.) Metre and kilometre are not used to measure the distance between heavenly bodies. Why?

30.) Only visible stars and other heavenly bodies are not the whole universe. Why?

31.) The sun will not form a black hole after its death. Why?

32.) All the red super giants do not form a neutron star and a black hole. Why?

33.) We do not see a star from its birth to death. Why?

34.) Black hole is invisible. Why?

35.) Red Giant is aging star. Why?

36.) In the core of Red Super Giants nuclear fusion restarts but not in the core of Red Giants. Why?

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