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Class : 9

Subject : Science

Unit : 3.00 Lesson :Mushroom

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1.) Where are mushrooms grown?

2.) Which type of wild mushrooms are edible?

3.) What are the different parts of a mushroom?

4.) What is hypha?

5.) What are basidiospores?

6.) Name any three edible mushrooms.

7.) Name any two poisonous mushrooms.

8.) What is rhizomorphs?

9.) What type of wild variety of mushrooms are poisonous?

10.) What is annulus?

11.) Write the function of the pileus.

12.) What is the function of the gills in mushrooms?

13.) What are the health benefits of mushrooms? Write any four points.

14.) Briefly explain the life cycle of mushrooms with diagrams.

15.) Explain the process of the small scale cultivation of mushroom.

16.) How do you store mushrooms for a long time for future use?

17.) Write any five advantages of mushroom cultivation in detail.

18.) Write the characteristics of poisonous mushrooms.

19.) List out some of the nutrients that are found in mushrooms.

20.) Mushrooms have become popular for their food value. Explain.

21.) How can you aware people that most of the wild mushrooms are bad to eat?

22.) Differentiate between Hypha and mycelium.

23.) Differentiate between Poisonous and edible mushrooms.

24.) Differentiate between Primary and secondary mycelia.

25.) Differentiate between Paraphyses and basidium.

26.) Mushroom is a saprophytic fungus. Why?

27.) Basidium is the fertile cell of the mushroom. Why?

28.) Some mushrooms are important for mankind. Why?

29.) Mushrooms are known as decomposers from the ecological point of view. Why?

30.) Cultivated mushrooms are more reliable than wild mushrooms. Why?

31.) What is mushroom?

32.) Where does mushroom grow?

33.) Why is mushroom called saprophytic fungi?

34.) What is mycelium? What is its function?

35.) What are the advantages of mushroom?

36.) What are the disadvantages of mushroom?

37.) Write short notes on the parts of mushroom body.

38.) Explain about the parts of gills of mushroom.

39.) Describe the lifecycle of mushroom in short.

40.) How do you identify poisonous mushroom?

41.) What is alternation of generation?

42.) Name any three edible mushroom.

43.) Name some poisonous mushroom.

44.) Name a wild mushroom.

45.) What are the health benefits of mushroom?

46.) What are the steps of mushroom cultivation?

47.) What is the importance of mushroom?

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