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Class : 9

Subject : Science

Unit : 7.00 Lesson :Force and Motion

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1.) State Newton's first law of motion.

2.) State Newton's second law of motion.

3.) State Newton's third law of motion.

4.) Name the principle on which a rocket works.

5.) What is the definition of force according to Newton's first law of motion?

6.) What is the relation of acceleration of a body to its mass and applied force?

7.) Define: i) plasticity iv) acceleration ii)inertia v) elasticity iii) displacement vi) balanced force vii) slope of a graph viii) run of a graph ix) rise of a graph

8.) What is retardation?

9.) What are the SI units of acceleration and force?

10.) What is uniform acceleration?

11.) What happens when an air filled balloon is left with its mouth open downwards?

12.) Action and reaction are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Why do they not balance each other?

13.) State Newton's first law of motion. Explain in brief that why is this law called the law of inertia.

14.) What is retardation?

15.) What will be the acceleration of a body moving with uniform velocity?

16.) State Newton's third law of motion. How does this explain the action of bullet fired from a gun?

17.) Explain between the cause of high probability of accidents of loaded vehicles in over speed on the basis of the first law of motion.

18.) Differentiate between speed and velocity.

19.) Differentiate between acceleration and retardation.

20.) Differentiate between uniform and non-uniform velocity.

21.) Differentiate between elasticity and plasticity.

22.) Differentiate between inertia of rest and inertia of motion.

23.) Differentiate between balanced force and unbalanced force.

24.) If we shake the branches of a tree, the fruits fall. Why?

25.) A swimmer pushes water backwards. Why?

26.) A cricketer moves his hands backwards while holding a catch. Why?

27.) A person has to run in the direction of the bus over some distance after getting down from a moving bus. Why?

28.) Passengers of a bus jerk forward when it stops suddenly. Why?

29.) The gun recoils when a bullet is fired from it. Why?

30.) A moving truck takes a much longer time to stop than a car moving in the same speed, after applying brakes. Why?

31.) When we jump on a concrete surface, the feet are more seriously hurt than while jumping on sand. Why?

32.) An athlete runs some distance before taking a long jump. Why?

33.) If a blanket is beaten with a stick, dust particles come out. Why?

34.) Iron is more elastic than rubber. Why?

35.) Some rubber balls jump higher than other balls when dropped from the same height on a hard surface. Why?

36.) Define force and write its SI unit as well as CGS unit. Write the relation between them.

37.) On how many ways force can affect the body? Mention it.

38.) What do you mean by unbalanced force?

39.) What is inertia?

40.) Explain the relation between mass and inertia.

41.) If a chalk and a duster are kept on table and pushed with finger with the same force, chalk starts to move but not a duster, why?

42.) What is inertia of rest? Give one example of it.

43.) Define inertia of motion with example.

44.) What is meant by inertia of direction? Write example of it.

45.) When a car suddenly starts moving, a person sitting in it falls backward, why?

46.) We beat blanket by stick to remove dust particles, why?

47.) The fruits fall down when the branches of a fruit tree is shaken, why?

48.) A coin placed on a card is placed over a glass. When the card is pulled/ pushed suddenly, the coin drops into the cup, why?

49.) If a moving bus suddenly stops, the passengers sitting in it fall forward, why?

50.) Why is it dangerous to jump out of a moving bus?

51.) A bicycle runs for sometime even after the rider stops paddling it, why?

52.) An athlete takes a long run before taking long jump, why?

53.) A coin thrown up in a moving train comes back to the thrower’s hand, why?

54.) The bullet fired from a gun leaves a clear hole in glass window. Explain, why?

55.) When a person is jumping from a moving bus, he should run for a while in the direction of motion of bus, why?

56.) The blades of a fan continue to rotate even if switch is off, why?

57.) A moving truck takes a much longer time to stop than a car if brakes are applied to both of them, why?

58.) Distinguish between scalars and vectors.

59.) The passengers inside a moving bus jerk outward when bus suddenly turns its direction, why?

60.) Define speed with its SI unit.

61.) Speed is called scalar quantity, why?

62.) What is displacement? Write its SI unit.

63.) Define velocity with its SI unit.

64.) Velocity is called vector quantity, why?

65.) When object is moving in a circular path it is better to express in terms of speed rather than velocity, why?

66.) What do you mean by uniform and non-uniform velocity?

67.) Differentiate between speed and velocity.

68.) What is acceleration? Write its SI unit.

69.) What do you means by 7m/s2 acceleration of a body?

70.) Define the term deceleration (retardation).

71.) Establish the relation between initial velocity, final velocity, time and acceleration. OR Prove that for moving object, v= u+ at.

72.) While solving numerical problems think about it.

73.) What is momentum? Write its SI unit.

74.) On what factors does the momentum depend?

75.) Cricket ball hurts more than the badminton cork, why?

76.) What is the momentum of a body at rest?

77.) What do you mean by Newton’s laws of motion?

78.) State Newton’s first law of motion. Give one example of it.

79.) A person running with high speed cannot stop suddenly, why?

80.) State Newton’s second law of motion.

81.) What do you mean by m force?

82.) A person falling on a concrete floor feels more pain than one falling on sand pile. Explain why?

83.) Cricket player moves his hand backward while catching a ball why?

84.) State Newton’s third law of motion.

85.) Action and reaction are equal and opposite but they do not cancel each other. Justify it.

86.) Gun recoils when a bullet is fired from it? OR Soldier put his gun on his shoulder while firing, why?

87.) While rowing a boat, boatman pushes the water in the pond backward, why?

88.) Rocket throws large smoke downward while launching into the space, why?

89.) We press the ground backward while walking, why?

90.) A flying bird pushes wings downward, why?

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