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Class : 9

Subject : Science

Unit : 9.00 Lesson :Energy

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1.) Define non-renewable sources of energy.

2.) What is fossil fuel?

3.) Why are coal and petrol called non-renewable sources of energy?

4.) What are renewable sources of energy?

5.) What is wind?

6.) Name three devices run by solar energy.

7.) What are the solar cell and solar panel?

8.) Write two ways to be protected from the stage of energy crisis.

9.) Give the main factor that causes energy crisis.

10.) How can we conserve energy?

11.) What are the primary and secondary sources of energy?

12.) How is bio-fuel formed? What kind of source of energy is it?

13.) Write the limitation of solar energy.

14.) Write any three uses of wind energy.

15.) Define: i) sources of energy ii) bio-fuel iii) energy crisis iv) nuclear energy v) tidal energy vi) alternative source of energy viii) nuclear fuel vii) solar energy

16.) Mention some traditional uses of solar energy.

17.) What are the most useful alternative sources of energy for Nepal?

18.) What are the conditions under which nuclear fusion is expected to occur the sun? Explain.

19.) What is the advantage of the presence of hydrogen in large scale in the sun?

20.) What are the advantages of solar energy over mineral energy?

21.) How does nuclear reaction occur in the sun? Explain with a chemical equation.

22.) Describe solar energy and its application in short.

23.) How is briquette made? How can it support to save fossil fuel?

24.) Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

25.) Differentiate between fossil fuel and bio fuel.

26.) Differentiate between biofuel and hydropower.

27.) Differentiate between primary and secondary source of energy.

28.) Fossil fuel is derived from the sun. Explain.

29.) Use of fossil fuel is more than other sources of energy in spite of its adverse effects on the environmental balance. Why?

30.) Hydropower can be developed as the main alternative source of energy in Nepal. Why?

31.) The sun is the ultimate source of energy. Why?

32.) Hydropower is derived from solar energy. Why?

33.) The solution of energy crisis is energy saving. Why?

34.) Solar equipment is being promoted by many countries of the world. Why?

35.) Biofuel should be developed as the alternative energy source in agricultural countries. Why?

36.) In parabolic solar cookers, a cooking vessel is not kept at the radius of the curved surface. Why?

37.) In a solar water heater, solar collectors are made of double-walled evacuated tubes. Why?

38.) Define energy and write its SI unit.

39.) What is energy ? Write its SI unit .

40.) Define sources of energy .

41.) Write the types of energy on the basis of the form they are used.

42.) Define primary source of energy with examples.

43.) Crude oil is a primary source of energy, why ?

44.) Define renewable sources of energy with examples.

45.) Define secondary source of energy with examples.

46.) Define non- renewable source of energy with examples.

47.) What is solar energy ?

48.) Differentiate between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

49.) How much energy does the sun radiate in one second ?

50.) What are solar cell and solar panel ?

51.) What is the estimated temperature of the outer surface of the sun ?

52.) What is the estimated core temperature of the sun ?

53.) Write any two natural process in which solar energy being used .

54.) Write any three limitations of solar energy .

55.) ”Sun is ultimate source of energy.” Justify the statement .

56.) Scientists are busy at designing solar equipment, why ?

57.) Write down the conditions required for nuclear fusion in the sun .

58.) How does a nuclear fusion reaction occur in the sun ? Explain with chemical reaction .

59.) What is deuterium ?

60.) What is tritium ?

61.) Which chemical substance is used to find out the leakage of petroleum gas ?

62.) What is the evidence of nuclear fusion in the sun ?

63.) What is fuel ?

64.) Define fossil fuels energy with examples .

65.) Fossil fuels is known as the non-renewable source of energy, why?

66.) Coal and mineral oil are fossil fuels, why ?

67.) What is nuclear energy ?

68.) What is meant by nuclear fusion ?

69.) Nuclear energy can be considered as an alternative source of energy, why ?

70.) Differentiate between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission reaction .

71.) Define nuclear fuels with two examples .

72.) What are alternative sources of energy ?

73.) List out any four alternative energy sources .

74.) What is hydroelectricity ?

75.) What is the estimated hydroelectricity generation capacity of Nepal ?

76.) Justify giving two points that use of hydropower should be increased rather than that of coal and mineral oil for energy .

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