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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 1.60 Lesson :The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun

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1.) How does the tourist describe his initial impression of the Kathmandu valley?

2.) According to the tourist, why is the West indebted to the East?

3.) How does the tourist interpret the gaze of the monks and nuns?

4.) Why do the tourists think Nepali people are wonderful and exceptional?

5.) What are the different kinds of communities in the Kathmandu valley and how do they coexist with each other?

6.) What does the tourist feel about the temple of Adinath?

7.) Why does the guide take the tourist to the remote village?

8.) What does the innocent village couple think of the doctor?

9.) What are the differences between the paralyzed child and his sister?

10.) Why does the guide show the instances of poverty to the tourist?

11.) Which narrative technique is used by the author to tell the story? How is this story different from other stories you have read?

12.) How is the author able to integrate two fragments of the narration into a unified whole?

13.) The author brings some historical and legendary references to the story. Collect these references and show their significance in the story.

14.) The author talks about the eyes in many places: the eyes of the shaven monks and nuns, eyes in the window and door panels, the eyes of the Himalayas, the eyes of the paralyzed boy, the eyes of the welcoming villagers and above all the half-closed eyes of

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