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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 2.30 Lesson :I Was My Own Route

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1.) Why did the speaker try to be the way men wanted her to be?

2.) What do you understand by her feet ‘would not accept walking backwards’?

3.) Who are the old guards? Why did they grow desperate?

4.) How did the speaker have ‘a feeling of intimate liberation’?

5.) Why did the speaker’s desire to follow men warped in her?

6.) What does the speaker mean when she says she was playing a game of hide and seek with her being?

7.) Why, in your view, was her back ripped by the old guards as she was advancing forward?

8.) What, according to the speaker, did it feel like to be free?

9.) Why does the speaker prefer the present to the past?

10.) John Donne, in his poem “No Man is an Island”, says, “No man is an island entire of itself.” Would Burgos agree with Donne? Do you agree with Donne or Burgos?

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