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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 2.50 Lesson :Soft Storm

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1.) What do you understand by “this seamless city”?

2.) Describe the poor children portrayed in the poem.

3.) What do you understand by ‘the unwedded gardens of history’?

4.) Why was the forlorn child wailing?

5.) What do you understand by ‘soft storm’ ?

6.) Why does the speaker call our time ‘mad time’?

7.) What does the speaker want to do in “hard times”?

8.) The poet uses the word ‘soft’ with the words like ‘storm’ and gale, which generally refer to disorder and Violence. What effect does the poet achieve through the use of such anomalous expression’s?

9.) What is the speaker’s attitude towards the time he describes in the poem?

10.) What is the speaker like? Is he a rebel? Why? Why not?

11.) Explain the stanza below in your own words: 2nd paragraph questions.

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