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Class : 10

Subject : Account

Unit : 7.00 Lesson :Government Accounting

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1.) What are the basic features of new accounting system?

2.) What is new accounting system?

3.) What is budget transfer?

4.) What is operating level accounting?

5.) What is central level accounting?

6.) What is government revenue?

7.) Who is the final auditor of company?

8.) Which office prepares accounting forms used in govt. office of Nepal?

9.) Write the full form of AGF No.

10.) What is new accounting? Explain.

11.) What are the features of new accounting system? Explain in brief.

12.) Write the importance of new accounting accounting system of government of Nepal.

13.) Budget Sheet

14.) Goshwara Voucher

15.) Revenue

16.) Differentiate between internal audit & final audit.

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