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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the Criticism of Robbins Definition?

Ans : Criticism of Robbins Definition:- i) Hidden concept of welfare:- This definition has criticized the Marshall’s concept of welfare but this definition itself include the concept of welfare throw backbone. We make a choice between ends and scarce means, we are taking into consideration welfare. ii) Even abundance make create economic problem:- According to Robbins, economics is the study of science of choice. But according to Critics many economics problem do not take place due to scarcity. For example, the problem of unemployment is due to abundance of labor. iii) Economics is not only a positive science:- According to Robbins, economic is positive science. But according to critics, economic is also a normative science. It is also the responsibility of economist to provide suggestion to serve a particular economic problem. iv) Incomplete definition:- This definition has not covered the present economic problem like unemployment, inflation, economic growth etc. Therefore, this definition is incomplete. v) Confusion between ends and means:- Robbins believes that ends and means are easily separable. But in practice, it is difficult to distinguish between ends and means. For example, A M.A student aims getting M.A degree. This is an end for him. Once he get M.A degree, he uses it as a means to get employment. So there is confusion between ends and means.
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