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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the remedies against problems of agricultural marketing?

Ans : The remedies against problems of agricultural marketing are as follow: i) Developing market information:- Reliable and relevant market information system should be established for supply, pricing, location and quality of agricultural goods. This enables farmers to make right decision on their products and their prices. ii) Developing transport and communication:- Transport and communication facilities such as rural roads, etc. should be extended to rural and remote areas. This will help the farmers to transport their products to the market centres. iii) Provision of agricultural credit:- Agricultural credit from the organized financial institutions should be made easily accessible to farmers without procedural difficulties at reasonable interest rates to safeguard poor farmers from being exploited by local moneylenders. iv) Provision of warehouse:- Provision of storage and warehouse facilities should be made available so that farmers are protected from the compulsion of selling off their goods at harvesting time only. This can facilitate farmers to get reasonable price for their products. v) Uniform system:- standardization, grading and weighing system should be enforced in rural areas also to improve marketing efficiency. This can greatly benefit both producers and consumers in terms of cost and price.
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