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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

Write the meaning of tourism. Discuss the importance/role of tourism industry in Nepal.

Ans : An art of travel from one place to another place of a country as well as from one country to another country is called tourism. Such traveler is known as tourist. The main purposes of tourist are entertainment, mountaineering, sight seen, tracking, voting etc. Beside these the objective of tourism is to take political information, religious information, economic information, trade information etc. An activity ensured for necessary arrangement of tourist is called industries. Tourism today is not only a fun activity. Rather It is also the industry which draws, accommodates, entertained tourism and helps to generate income for the country. # Importance/role of tourism industry in Nepal. Ans:- It is observed that tourism industries is established as one of the most important sector of Nepalese economy. It contributes to GDP, foreign exchange earnings, revenue to government and employment. The role of tourism in Nepalese economy is explained below: i) Source of foreign exchange:- Tourism sector is one of the important sources of foreign exchange earning in Nepal. It helps in correcting trade imbalance. During the fiscal year 2014/15 total foreign exchange earning from tourism sector was Rs.53 billion and 42 crore which 5.3 % of total foreign exchange earning and 2.5 % of GDP. ii) Increase in employment opportunities:- With the development of tourism sector, the problem of unemployment can be reduced. Because as tourism sector expands, different businesses like hotel, lodges, travel agency etc. also expands. This increases employment opportunities and increases the income of the people which in inturned helps to increase standard of living. iii) Development of cottage industries:- Cottage Industry produces different product based on art and culture of the country. Tourists are interested to buy products. Tourism creates market for the handicraft products. iv) Cultural exchange:- Tourism industries helps to exchange art and culture between Nepal and rest of the world. A tourist carries his culture with him. In the same way, tourists are also influenced by the culture of inhabitants of the country destination. v) Increase government revenue:- Tourism is also a source of government revenue. The government earn revenue from tax, visa fee etc. This increases the government revenue. vi) Development of infrastructure:- Tourist are interested in sight seen, tracking, Rock climbing, boating, rafting etc. for this purposes infrastructure should be developed. Therefore with the development of tourism industry, the development of infrastructure increases simultaneously.
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