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Class : 11
Unit : Economics

What are the problems of tourism industry in Nepal?

Ans : The problems of tourism industries in Nepal are explained below: i) Lack of transport and communication facilities:- Transport and communication facilities has not been developed sufficiently. Due to this reason tourism industry is not well developed. ii) Lack of quality hotels:- Foreign tourist needs five star hotel with modern facilities. But such good quality hotels are limited in number. Most of these are located only in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. iii) Lack of trained manpower:- The tourist guide are limited in number in Nepal. And they are not even well trained due to lack of training facilities. Therefore this is lack of qualified and well trained manpower. iv) Lack of re-creation center:- Means of re-creation like clubs, cinemas, Park, rafting, boating etc. are very limited in Nepal. And due to absence of re-creation facilities the average duration of stay of tourist are very low. v) Pollution:- Most of the towns of Nepal are suffering from environment pollution. Due to lack of proper waste management there is sound pollution, air pollution and water pollution. Due to this, the environment of tourism spot is spoiling. This has decreased the average duration of stay of tourist in Nepal. vi) Lack of publicity and advertisement:- There is lack of publicity and advertisement of various tourist sights of Nepal in international market. Therefore they are unable to know various tourism sights of Nepal. vii) Lack of security:- Due to existing political disturbance are strikes in Nepal, there is lack of security in tourism destination areas. This has created insecurity and unreliable situation to tourist.
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