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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 1.10 Lesson :Neighbours

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1.) Describe how the young couple’s house looked like.

2.) How did the young couple identify their neighbours in the beginning of their arrival?

3.) How did the neighbours help the young couple in the kitchen garden?

4.) Why were the people in the neighborhood surprised at the rote of the young man and his wife in their family?

5.) How did the neighbours respond to the woman’s pregnancy?

6.) Why did the young man begin to weep at the end of the story?

7.) Why do you think the author did not characterize the person in the story with proper names?

8.) The story shows that linguistic and cultural barriers do not create any obstacle to human relationship. some examples from the story where the neighbours have transcended such barriers.

9.) The last sentence of the story reads “The twentieth-century novel had not prepared him for this. “In your view, what differences did the young man find between twentieth century novels and human relations?

10.) A Nepali proverb says “Neighbors are companions for wedding procession as well as for funeral procession”. Does this proverb apply in the story? Justify.


12.) The author has dealt with an issue of multiculturalism in the story. Why do you think multiculturalism has become a major issue in the present world?

13.) Write an essay on Celebration of childbirth in my Community.

14.) Do the people in your community respond with similar reactions upon the pregnancy and childbirth as depicted in the story? Give a couple of examples.

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