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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 1.50 Lesson :My Old Home

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1.) How does the narrator describe his feeling at the arrival of his old home?

2.) What were the three kinds of servants in China then? What does it indicate about contemporary Chinese society?

3.) What makes the narrator nostalgic? What did he do with Runtu in his teenage?

4.) How did Runtu hunt a Zha in his young age?

5.) How does the narrator make a humorous picture of Mrs Yang?

6.) According to the narrator, what were different factors that made Runtu a poor man throughout his life?

7.) How does the narrator help Runtu before leaving the old home?

8.) How does the author differentiate two kinds of idols?

9.) While reading the friendship between the narrator and Runtu, Hindu readers remember the friendship between Krishna and Sudama. Which particular description reminds you of the mythological example?

10.) How does the story support the proposition that the relationships of childhood are innocent, impartial and disinterested?

11.) After reading the story, what inferences can you make about contemporary Chinese economic and social system?

12.) What does the story indicate about the geographical features of the narrator’s hometown?

13.) Human beings are on the road from time immemorial, always migrating to new places. Write an essay on The Trend of Migration in Nepal in about 300 words.

14.) Find one of your relatives or friends, who has migrated to a new place leaving his/her old home. Talk to him/her and prepare a report on what he/she felt while leaving the old home.

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