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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 2.10 Lesson :A Day

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1.) How does the poet describe the morning sun in the first stanza?

2.) What does the line ‘The news likes squirrels ran’ mean?

3.) What do you understand by the line, ‘The hills untied their bonnets’?

4.) Is the speaker watching the morning sun? Why? Why not?

5.) How does the sun set?

6.) What, according to the speaker, is a day?

7.) What purpose does the hyphen in the first line serve in the poem?

8.) What makes this poem lyrical and sonorous? Discuss.

9.) Who are the target audience of the speaker? Why?

10.) The poem seems to describe a day for children. How would the adult people respond to this poem? Discuss this poem with your parents/guardians and write the answer based on their responses.

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