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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 2.40 Lesson :The Awakening Age

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1.) Who are the people ‘who travel the meridian line’?

2.) What does the poet mean by ‘a new world’?

3.) How are people connected to each other?

4.) What can we gain after our perceptions are changed?

5.) How are we benefited by new people?

6.) Describe the rhyme scheme of this sonnet.

7.) What does the poet mean by ‘the awakening age’?

8.) Why, in your view, have these people ‘lived with poverty’s rage’?

9.) Why does the poet appeal for solidarity among the people?

10.) Does the poet present migration in a positive light? Why? Why not?

11.) Nepal is also known for its economic as well as educational migrants. Have you noticed any change in Ans:- the perceptions and behaviours of these migrants when they return home from abroad?

12.) Relate the rhyme scheme of this sonnet to the kind of life idealized by the poet.

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