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Class : 12

Subject : English

Unit : 3.40 Lesson :Humility

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1.) What do pious Muslims believe about the human history?

2.) What did the Aztecs firmly believe about the universe?

3.) What, according to the essay, are the universal human abilities?

4.) How are the basic yoga postures derived from the shape of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet?

5.) How do Hindu nationalists refute the Chinese claim that human history really began with the Yellow Emperor and the Xia and Shang dynasties? Who do you agree with, and why?

6.) The author has dealt with a controversial debate on human history. Why do you think history has been a major contested issue in the present world?

7.) Write a short essay on The Conflicting History of Human Civilization.

8.) The author claims, “Since it is more polite to criticize one’s own people than to criticize foreigners.” Do you agree to his claim? Give your reasons.

9.) What is the first human rights declaration adopted by the United Nations?

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